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Our company specializing in returned goods management. Since 1985 our innovative approach to reverse logistics has served as the unchallenged standard of excellence within the third-party logistics industry. At Texas Logistics Services, our business is improving yours


Texas Surplus Buyers serve a large number of businesses either shutting their doors, upgrading or downsizing as a result of poor economic conditions. Our clients range from start-up companies, Fortune 500 Firm, creditors to high tech corporate MIS/IT business sectors. We offer remarketing services for idle or outdated electronic and computer assets. We offer cash for your liquidation merchandise.



TSB is very proud of our history of involvement in helping so many North Eastern Ohio companies that got their start and are continuing to build specialized and sensitive electronic instrumentation and medical technology in Cleveland; partly because of their engineers access to such a variety of the highest quality electronic parts at the surplus prices. We have purchased from most of the major Aerospace companies during the cold war space race. The companies include Allen Bradley, Bailey Controls, GE, Gould Labs, Hickok, Electrical Instrument Co., IBM, Lockheed, Los Alamos Labs, NASA, Ohio Scientific, Technicare, Tektronix, Triplett, and so many other sources whom still wish to remain confidential and passed that really interesting test equipment and those highest quality parts along to our loyal customers in Ohio, the US, and internationally.

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we keep our customers satisfied for repeat business goals. Nothing is loaded or leaves your sight without payment. We are the industry's leading experts in surplus license bonded and insured




Our Warehouse is located in Houston, Texas 8300 industrial dr 77017

What Is

Surplus Is the Quantity of Some Thing That Remains after Activity Relating to the Production of That Thing Has Been Completed, or Where the Requirement to Produce or Possess the Thing Has Been Met. Anything Which Is Redundant or No Longer Useful May Be Described As "Surplus to Requirements". The Term Also Refers to: Produced by the Arms Industry Which Is No Longer Needed. Surplus Stock Is Sold by Industry at a Low Price so That They Can Save Money on Storage , Bring in New Lines and Minimize Losses.Agriculture Surplus, a Development Stimulus According to Cultural Anthropology


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